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Fruity Extra Virgin Olive Oil



"Fruity" Extra Virgin Olive Oil is a product of rare fragrance.
Drupes are harvested at the onset of ripening and this contributes in shaping its organolectic characteristics and enriches it with hints of olive, grass and artichoke, together with its particular pungency, which is distinctive in the “new” oil and wanes after some months. It is an Extra Virgin Olive Oil with strong personality, lively, appreciated by the most demanding palates.
Perfect on toasted bread, strongly-flavoured vegetables, boiled or roasted meat, stews, soups and pulses.

Box No.  n°  6 - 12 Bottles      lt. 0,50
Box No.  n°  6 - 12 Bottles      lt. 0,75  
Box No.  n°  4         Tins          lt. 3,00  
Box No.  n°  4         Tins          lt. 5,00

Processing Specifications: In compliance with the codes to good hygiene practices (HACCP), pursuant to Regulation (EC) No 852/2004
Product Traceability: Legislation: In accordance with Art. 18 of Regulation (EC) No 178 of 28 January 2002. Compulsory indication of origin pursuant to Ministerial Decree No 8077 of 10 November 2009, Regulation (EC) No 182/2009.

Olio Extravergine Fruttato
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