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Where to Eat

Cuglieri's Landscape

Where to eat and lodge:

DESOGOS - Typical Restaurant

Address: Via Cugia, 6 – Cuglieri (OR)
+39 0785 39660
Fresh ricotta culunzones (traditional ravioli) with fresh tomato sauce, Sardinian gnocchetti (traditional pasta) in tomato sauce and pesto, roast piglet, wild boar with olives, hare.

Address: Via G. M. Angioj, 11 -  Cuglieri (OR)
+39 0785 39400
Creative and refined cuisine with seafood specialities: Pasta with sea urchin and bottarga (mullet roe), lobster.

S’ISPIGA Farmhouse
Loc. Tega – S.S. 292  Km. 97,400 – Cuglieri (OR)
+39 347 3022768  
+39 347 9392278

Pedramanna Farmhouse
Address: Località Ersat, Podere n.6 - Santa Caterina di Pittinuri – Cuglieri 09073 (Oristano)
Pedramanna" Farmhouse"
+39 366 / 4131036
+39 340 / 8376199

TEMA Vini e Country Resort & Spa Capo Nieddu
Podere n. 1 zona ex Etfas di Santa Caterina di Pittinuri
09073 Cuglieri (Oristano)
tel: +39 0785 850493
cell: +39 347 4662990 o 348 2935195
fax +39 0785 851696

LA SCOGLIERA - Restaurant and Pizzeria
Address: Corso Alagon, 09073 S. Caterina di Pittinuri (OR)
Tel/Fax: +39 0785 38231

Our cuisine:

(ravioli) : fresh pasta with ricotta cheese, chard, eggs, parsley and saffron filling.
PANADAS : puff pastry filled with fresh fava beans, peas, pickled artichokes, black olives and chunks of stewed beef and pork baked in the oven.
FAE E LALDU : fava bean soup, foraged greens, olives, olive oil and pig’s trotter.
POLCHEDDU: roast piglet flavoured with myrtle branches. The same cooking and flavouring procedure applies to lamb and kid goat.
SEADAS : dessert made with a semolina and suet dough filled with fresh cow’s cheese, lemon rind and semolina. It is fried and served with honey or sugar.

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